Repurpose recycle

If you’re like me I always forget to bring my canvas shopping bags to the supermarket & end up with a very large stash of plastic bags. Well I decided to recycle them & crocheted a carry bag which is perfect for swimming or for taking to the beach, where I don’t mind it getting wet. It’s my daughters favourite swimming bag.



Newborn set

I was recently commissioned to knit a set of cardigans & booties for a set of twins.  I simply love knitting & it was such fun knitting/crocheting these two.




Inspiration for creativity

What inspires you in your creativity?  If you were to think back to a time when you were most creative, what inspired you at that time? How did you feel? What was the result of that burst of creativity?  Creative people are very sensitive and are our worse self-critics. It is easy to fall into a rut and loose that inspiration or mojo. It is important to continually feed our creativity.

Here is a video interview with Brene Brown that I hope will inspire you. It challenges you to consider what story you’re telling yourself about your creativity.  If you’re interested to know more, follow this link here to sign up to a series called 30 Days of Genius with Chase Jarvis.  In this free video series, you’ll learn about the big thinking and breakthroughs that from famous creative geniuses as they share their successes and failures, and turn them into actionable insights.



Crochet bunting

When I was preparing for my daughter’s first birthday party, I fell in love with the idea of creating crochet decorations for her party.  I found a gorgeous crochet doily garland pattern and spent many evenings creating this beautiful bunting.


I also crocheted a heart bunting and several glass jar holders which I filled with crepe paper flowers